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Extension and Outreach

As Oregon’s land-grant university, Oregon State serves Oregonians in every corner of the state – increasingly the public throughout the world. These efforts include access to education through our undergraduate and graduate programs; practical, problem-solving research through the OSU Extension Service, Agricultural Experiment Stations and Forest Research Laboratories; and outreach and engagement programs in Oregon communities statewide led by Oregon State faculty and 18,900 volunteers. Additionally, Oregon State’s 21st Century land grant mission calls upon the University to expand its service to the nation and the world.

In 2011, Oregon State was awarded the Carnegie Foundation's prestigious Community Engagement designation in recognition of the university's deep collaboration with the communities it serves beyond the borders of its campuses.

Extension and Outreach News

It's time to enroll in OSU Extension's Master Gardener training

If you call yourself a "gardening geek" or simply want to know more about the natural world, now's the time to sign up for the Oregon State University Extension Service's annual Master Gardener training.

OSU Extension publishes new field guide to shrubs of Northwest forests

On your next hike, instead of puzzling over the name of that large upright shrub with tiny white flowers and small red fruits, reach for the new field guide "Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests" to quickly identify it as the native red elderberry.

Bumblebee GPS: Oregon State to track native bees with tiny attachable sensors
Oregon State University will design miniature wireless sensors to attach to bumblebees that will provide real-time data on their intriguing behavior.

Learning to brew beer
Forty-two students from around the world have come to Bend this week to participate in Oregon State University's first Craft Brewery Startup Workshop. The Craft Brewery Startup Workshop is part of the Northwest Beer Sessions, a group of courses OSU offers as part of its continuing education program.  

New director named for OSU’s Center for Latino/Latina Studies and Engagement
Sociologist and immigration scholar Ronald Mize has been named the new director of Oregon State University’s Center for Latino/Latina Studies and Engagement (CL@SE).

Oregon State University Partners with InsideTrack

As part of its continuous improvement efforts, Oregon State University Ecampus announced a partnership with InsideTrack, a national student success organization, that will provide incoming online students with an executive-style coach, while providing valuable insights to Ecampus administrators.

New companies, research ideas chosen to join OSU Venture Accelerator

Administrators of the Venture Accelerator at Oregon State University have chosen the first 12 research concepts or spinoff companies to participate in the program, which is designed to spur the creation of new companies from university-based research.

OSU receives $1.2 million to expand fermentation science program

In the closing days of the 2013 legislative session, Oregon lawmakers approved $1.2 million for Oregon State University to enhance the Agricultural Experiment Station’s fermentation sciences program.

OSU hotline opens for food preservation questions

As interest grows in preserving produce, the Oregon State University Extension Service is offering its summer food preservation and safety hotline for queries on testing pressure canner gauges, ensuring jam sets properly and preparing tomato salsa.

Increased selenium dosage boosts growth and immunity in lambs

Sheep given supplements of organic selenium above United States government recommendations showed improved growth, weight and immunity, according to new research at Oregon State University.

New online tool helps growers manage insects

Growers can now easily identify and manage insects while in the field using smart phones and tablets with a new online tool developed by Oregon State University and partners.

Add the buzz of mason bees to your garden

Concerned about the decline of honeybees, one of the hardest-working food crop pollinators? Don't overlook the importance of a native pollinator of your fruit trees – the blue orchard mason bee.  

OSU program preparing Latino students for college celebrates its second year

 Oregon State University's Oregon Open Campus spearheads Juntos ("together" in Spanish), working in partnership with Madras High School with the support of several other community organizations. This after-school program aims to prepare Latino high school students and their families for college.

Fruit-damaging fly could hit record population in Northwest this year

The spotted wing drosophila fly, which lays its eggs in fruit and makes it unmarketable, could reach record population levels in the Pacific Northwest this year, according to Oregon State University researchers.

Soil parasite costs Northwest wheat growers $51 million in lost revenue, says OSU

A microscopic parasitic roundworm is costing Pacific Northwest wheat growers $51 million in lost revenue each year because it's cutting grain yields by an average of about 5 percent, according to estimates by Oregon State University researchers.

OSU turns winemaking waste into fiber supplement, food preservative and flowerpots

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered how to turn the pulp from crushed wine grapes into a natural food preservative, biodegradable packaging materials and a nutritional enhancement for baked goods.

OSU makes oysters safer to eat with improved purification method

Oregon State University has improved an old method of making oysters safer to eat so that more bacteria are removed without sacrificing taste and texture.

A place of belonging (Terra)

It was tragic enough that Susana Rivera-Mills’ girlhood was visited by war. It was frightening enough to flee her hometown of San Salvador on a dark night bundled in the backseat of the family Fiat with her little brother Fabio. And yet, as improbable as it seems, the hardest part was still ahead.

Corps of discovery (Terra)

Just as some babies are born with special gifts for music or math, Harvard’s Howard Gardner argues, others come into the world with an exceptional sensitivity to nature. The Oregon Master Naturalist program was designed to tap into this devotion to the land and build a statewide corps of expert volunteers.

OSU's nutrition campaign makes kids 'Food Heroes'

Starting this month, grade-school students across Oregon will learn about healthy eating, thanks to a program from Oregon State University's Extension Service.