Oregon State University

Become a Google Guide

Become a Google Guide

Help spread the word in your department about Google Apps for OSU

Are you an OSU employee? Do you want to help your colleagues learn to use Google Apps successfully? The Google Implementation Team wants you to volunteer to become a Google Guide for your department.

You don't have to be technical to become a Google Guide! All you need is enthusiasm, people skills, and basic computer skills.

We'll teach you the rest, and it won't take long to learn the basics. You can then refer your colleagues to the OSU Computer Helpdesk for more technical support, as needed.

Will you join us? We're not looking for a lifetime commitment; the program will end in January, 2014. If you're interested, please contact the Google Implementation Team via our webform.

What is a Google Guide?

  • A Google Guide is a person who offers informal, peer-to-peer support with the basic Google Apps.
  • A Google Guide is typically a non-technical person who wants to help their colleagues with tips and tricks that will help them use Google Apps successfully.

Why do we want Google Guides?

The Google Implementation Team wants you to help us:

  • Spread the word about Google Apps for OSU
  • Support departmental use of Google Apps
  • Keep your colleagues informed of progress and issues
  • Obtain feedback for the Implementation Team to guide deployment

How will the Google Guide program work?

  • The Google Implementation Team will start training Guides in July. Training will cover:
    • Common login problems, and the easy fixes that solve them
    • Tips and tricks in Google Drive, Docs and Spreadsheets
    • The power of sharing documents with your colleagues
  • We'd like you to hold a few outreach sessions in your department
    • Demos, brown bags, and/or Q&As
  • After rollout, you will be able to help your colleagues by
    • Answering basic questions about using Google Apps
    • Directing users to support documents and videos on Google
    • Referring them to the OSU Computer Helpdesk for technical support with the core Google Apps (we're not asking you to help your colleagues with anything beyond basic how-tos)