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Google Apps for OSU

Google Apps for OSU

Google Apps for OSU - available now!

  • Always use the login portal to access Google Apps for OSU.
  • Students' ONID mailboxes are now hosted at Google Apps for OSU, and all email sent to your ONID email addresses (@onid.oregonstate.edu and @onid.orst.edu) are now delivered to Google Mail.

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Using Google Apps for OSU to Share & Collaborate

The OSU Directory has been incorporated into Google Apps for OSU, so you can easily share with others who have an @onid.oregonstate.edu email address.

You may also collaborate in your Google space with anyone else who has a Google account. This includes any Gmail user and any Google Apps for Education user (example: students at the University of Oregon).

Every file and document uploaded to Google Drive has a single "owner." When a person's ONID account is cancelled (for example, this typically happens 12 months after a person graduates), all files owned by that person are removed.

Google Apps for OSU accounts are granted unlimited storage in Drive, Mail and Google+ for photos.