Oregon State University

General Questions FAQ

Why Google Apps?

Google Apps for OSU:

  • enhances collaboration among students, faculty, and external partners
  • facilitates students' personal and team-based calendaring
  • increases "anytime, anywhere" access to well-secured data

Will I see ads displayed in Google Apps for OSU?

No. Not only is Google Apps for Education provided at no cost to qualified educational institutions but ads are not displayed to accounts under the Apps for Education contract.

What is Google charging OSU to provide these services?

Google Apps for Education is provided at no cost to qualified educational institutions. OSU is not being billed by Google or by any third party in association with this offering.

What other educational institutions use Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education has been broadly adopted across the United States. Many OUS institutions such as Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Portland Community College now use Google Apps for Education, as do other Pac-12 universities such as Stanford.

Who gets to use Google Apps for OSU?

All ONID accounts were granted access early during the Summer Term 2013. That means all OSU employees, all OSU students, recent graduates, and others who have an ONID account.

Do I have an ONID account?

All OSU employees and all OSU students have an ONID account. If you currently access Banner, Online Services, Blackboard, myOSU, ONID email, or other university-provided services, then you certainly have an ONID account. You will use the same username and password to access Google Apps for OSU.

Are Hangouts protected under our agreement?

Due to the changes that Google has made to Hangouts (previously Google Chat), the stored conversations are no longer protected by our agreement with Google. Hangouts are now stored in two locations Google Drive (Core App) and also your Hangout application (Non-Core App), since one of the locations is a non-core application the discussions are not protected.   

Can our department set up a shared group account for Google Apps at OSU?

Access to Google Apps for OSU is tied exclusively to individual ONID accounts. ONID accounts are tied exclusively to individuals. At this time, then, it is not possible to create a shared group account for Google Apps access. Information Services will be working on an "Identity Management" solution which is designed to resolve a whole range of issues regarding the multiple accounts we have at OSU, including the inability to create group accounts for Google Apps access. IS hopes to have a solution in place by the fall of 2014.

How do I login?

Use your ONID username and password to login to Google Apps for OSU. This is the same username and password combination you use to login to OSU-provided services such as Banner, Blackboard, and myOSU.

Will I be forced to use Google Apps?

If you are an employee or OSU affiiate who has an ONID account, then the answer is No. Use of Google Apps is completely optional.

The University is not requiring that students use the Google web interface, but as of December 30th 2013, all student ONID mailboxes have been migrated to Google and all ONID mail for students is now delivered via Google.

Which apps are available in Google Apps for OSU?

OSU's contract with Google covers the "core" Google Apps for Education. These are:

  • Google Mail
  • Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, etc)
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Sites

How do I enable "pro" versions of Google's APIs, and how can I add Marketplace Apps to extend functionality of Google Apps?

Google continues to add new apps, offer fee-based enhancements of existing apps, and provide links to the third-party developed "Marketplace Apps" that further extend Google Apps functionality. Unfortunately, we can't automatically activate each one for OSU because we need to make sure the app doesn't inappropriately access University data or share your personal information. Hence, each application must be evaluated for privacy, security, and potential costs, which is time consuming. If an application that isn't currently enabled in Google Apps for OSU would be particularly important to have available as a service, send us your request and we'll document it for future consideration.