Oregon State University

Email Migration FAQ

I'm a student. Will I be forced to use Google Apps?

In December 2013, OSU sunsetted ONID email as a service for students, and all email sent to students' @onid.orst.edu and @onid.oregonstate.edu accounts are now routed through Google Apps for OSU.

This does not mean, however, that any student is required to use the Google web interface. If you prefer, you may set up an IMAP email client to send and receive your ONID email. You may also forward your ONID email to another email address following the migration of ONID email to Google. Instructions will be posted to the Helpdocs website.

I'm an employee. Will I be forced to use Google Apps?

No. Use of Google Apps is completely optional and employees' ONID mailbox will not be migrated to Google Apps for OSU.

I'm an employee with an @oregonstate.edu email address. How does the ONID email migration affect me?

Exchange accounts for employees, which are typically associated with an @oregonstate.edu email address, will not be migrated or otherwise directly affected by ONID email migration.

I'm an employee and I currently use ONID webmail. How does the ONID email migration affect me?

First, please note that your ONID mailbox will not be pre-synced with or migrated to Google Mail. You may continue using ONID webmail and you do not have to transition to using Google for email.

However, if you want to transition to Google for your ONID email, you will first need to opt in to Google Mail, and then you will need to forward your own email. For any employee wishing to take this step, we recommend that you clean your ONID mailbox so that irrelevant or overly large email messages do not slow down the migration of your email to Google.