Oregon State University

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an OSU faculty member or employee and I would like to add content to the official OSU iTunes U site, how do I get started?

iTunes U easily allows you to add your content from any computer. You will need to request access by completing this form, and then you will be contacted to determine if your content is a good fit for this medium. If so you will be granted access via your ONID account.

Why doesn't iTunes U load in my browser?

iTunes U runs on a separate client (or program) called iTunes. This must be installed on your computer before you can access OSU on iTunes U.

What's the difference between OSU on iTunes and OSU's YouTube Channel?

YouTube is meant for online viewing, and it contains only video content. iTunes U is designed for downloading video and playing locally on your PC or device. iTunes also handles audio files. Content contributors can manage and maintain their own "courses" or channels within iTunes.

I'm a content contributor, can I customize my course icon?

Yes, a template exists for you to submit a photo to use on your course icon. Contact Web Communications for assistance and guidelines on creating a course icon. Because this icon is rendered at a very small size in many cases, you should not use any words or text beyond the OSU logo that is already on the template. Integrating a 300x300 pixel photo is the best way to create a distinct look for your course icon.

University Marketing has created a flexible identity system, and adhering to the course icon template will ensure a consistent and professional experience for the user.

I have some media I'd like to sell: can I do that on iTunes U?

No. All of the content on the iTunes U site is available free to the public for unlimited download. Our agreements do not allow us to charge for content at this time. But iTunes U is an excellent way to market or promote your class, program or department.

How do I share a link to an iTunes U page?

You can link to any course or track in the iTunes U site by following the steps in this section of the help guide.