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Last Name First name Department Positionsort icon Phone Office
Myhre Duane Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Fulghum John Faculty Instructor 541 737 2285 ILLC 447
Noack Eric Faculty Instructor 541 737 2302 ILLC 443
Pellegrom Ben Faculty Instructor ILLC 543
Radcliffe Adrienne Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Shadyavichyute Gabriele Faculty Instructor University Plaza 235
Stone Lucia Faculty Instructor ILLC 343
Lee Megan Faculty Instructor ILLC 447
Ismailova Zulia Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Wang Jennifer Faculty Instructor 541-737-2456 ILLC 181
Dasenko Betsy Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 ILLC 343
Javorsky Larry Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
McDannell Braden Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
Zak Tony Faculty Interim Academic English Program Manager 541-737-2486 ILLC 182
Weber Rachael ISAS Interim Director of International Student Advising 541-737-6310 University Plaza Suite 130
Walkin Julie International Programs International Initiatives Coordinator 541-737-6419 ILLC 177B
Hall Jason Marketing/Recruitment International Marketing & Recruitment Manager 541-737-1252 ILLC 177b
Schnoor Jay Marketing/Recruitment International Recruitment Coordinator 541-737-5807 ILLC 177b
Christopherson Emiko ISAS International Student Advisor 541-737-2238 University Plaza 130
Reiman Nathan Student Services Lead Reception 541-737-1264 ILLC 173
Purdy Sydney Learning Center Learning Center and Testing Coordinator 541-737-1813 ILLC 138
Anderson Tynetta Learning Center Learning Center Assistant Coordinator 541-737-2309 ILLC 138
Cutler Erich Faculty Manager of Accreditation and Program Assessment 541-737-6999 ILLC 182
Pasquet Chloe Marketing Marketing & Communications Coordinator 541-737-0609 ILLC 177b
Rhodes Jonathan Management Operations Manager 541-737-4289 ILLC 175
Jackson Bernard IT Programmer / Analyst Data Administrator 541-737-8886 ILLC 177
Kelley Wade IT Programmer Analyst 541-737-1003 ILLC 177c
Dean Allen Student Services Residential Experience Coordinator 541-737-8825 ILLC 175
Rochester Kathleen Faculty Special Programs Coordinator 541-737-5678 ILLC 138
Glick Casey Student Services Student Engagement Coordinator 541-737-1838 ILLC 175