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Last Namesort icon First name Department Position Phone Office
Fowler Jeffrey Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Fifita Robin Academic Support Academic Support Assistant Manager ILLC 182
Feyerherm Chelsea International Admissions Customer Service Representative 541-737-8864 ILLC 181
Fech Bill Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Eves Michael Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 University Plaza 235
Elizabeth Hansen-Devaux Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Egri Denise Faculty Academic English Associate Program Manager 541-737-5417 ILLC 343
Eaton Jennifer Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Evaluator 541-737-8215 ILLC 181
Duncan Tonya Finance Finance Specialist/Advisor 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
DuBois Kristi Faculty Instructor 541-737-2302 University Plaza 235
Dougherty Liz Student Services Campus Housing & Arrivals Coordinator 541-737-2031 ILLC 175
Dodd Lauren Student Services Assistant Manager 5417372442 ILLC 172
Dean Allen Student Services Residential Experience Coordinator 541-737-8825 ILLC 175
Dasenko Betsy Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 ILLC 343
Cutler Erich Faculty Manager of Accreditation and Program Assessment 541-737-6999 ILLC 182
Curry Glenda Academic Support Academic Support Assistant 541-737-0937 ILLC 182
Creager Erin Executive Assistant 541-737-1264 ILLC 177
Court Tom Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Christopherson Emiko ISAS International Student Advisor 541-737-2238 University Plaza 130
Christiansen Andrew Faculty Instructor 541-737-2302 ILLC 443
Chaney Sarah Faculty Instructor ILLC 447
Chambers Eve Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 247
Cate Rachael Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 447
Carrigan Richard Faculty Instructor 541-737-2243 ILLC 247
Cagley Dawn Admissions Graduate Admissions Assistant Manager 541-737-5721 ILLC 181
Burrows Matthew Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
Brewerton Byrne Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
Borgen Jennifer Faculty Instructor 541-737-2243 ILLC 247
Betjemann Julianna Student Services Director of Student Experience 541-737-6988 ILLC 172
Berg Karen Faculty Instructor ILLC 343