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Last Namesort icon First name Department Position Phone Office
Pellegrom Ben Faculty Instructor ILLC 543
Pasquet Chloe Marketing Marketing & Communications Coordinator 541-737-0609 ILLC 177b
Panzeri Shain Admissions Director of International Admissions & Academic Support 541-737-4281 ILLC 181
Palaniuk Tiffany Faculty Instructor University Plaza 185
Paden Stan Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Oxley Tyler Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Manager 541-737-1489 ILLC 181
Othman Muhammed Academic Support Graduate Pathway Associate Program Manager 541-737-2243 University Plaza 175
Norek Sarah Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
Noack Eric Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 ILLC 343
Noack Eric Faculty Instructor 541 737 2302 ILLC 443
Neyland Dwaine Faculty Instructor 541-737-2243 University Plaza 235
Myhre Duane Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Morris Katherine Faculty Assistant to Laurie Lewis 541-737-6433 ILLC 177
Moon Kathleen Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Misner Ryoko Academic Support Student Support Advisor 541-737-2423 ILLC 182
McMurtrey Allison Faculty General English Associate Program Manager 541-737-2455 ILLC 443
McMorran Kristi Faculty Instructor ILLC 543
McGowan Amy Management Center Director 541-737-4290 ILLC 174
McDannell Braden Faculty Instructor 541-737-2294 ILLC 243
McBrien Elisabeth Faculty Instructor ILLC 185
Martucci Mike Facutly Instructor ILLC 447
Marquardt Jason Faculty Instructor University Plaza 185
Madden Bailey Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-2203 ILLC 175
Lewis Laurie ISAS Director / ISAS 541-737-4630 ILLC 178
Lewis Kate Office Specialist 541-737-2464 ILLC Welcome Desk
LeRiche Laurie Management Human Resources Manager 541-737-8899 ILLC 175
Lenhardt John Faculty Instructor 541-737-2243 ILLC 247
Lee Brandon Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Lee Megan Faculty Instructor ILLC 447
Leavitt Aimee Admissions Admissions Transfer Specialist 541-737-1463 ILLC 181