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Last Name First namesort icon Department Position Phone Office
Ismailova Zulia Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Kostka Zachary Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Ramahi Yasmin International Admissions Admissions Assistant 541-737-5343 ILLC 181
Kelley Wade IT Programmer Analyst 541-737-1003 ILLC 177c
Samano Vivian Faculty Instructor 541-737-2266 ILLC 343
Reyes Victor Faculty Instructor 541-737-2302 ILLC 443
Cray Vicki Instructor University Plaza 185
Rosenberg Valerie Admissions Assistant Center Director 541-737-4286 ILLC 176
Anderson Tynetta Learning Center Learning Center Assistant Coordinator 541-737-2309 ILLC 138
Oxley Tyler Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Manager 541-737-1489 ILLC 181
Issabekova Tursynay Academic Support Student Support Advisor 541-737-5720 ILLC 182
Jones Tracy Faculty Instructor University Plaza 185
Duncan Tonya Finance Finance Specialist/Advisor 541-737-5341 ILLC 175
Zak Tony Faculty Interim Academic English Program Manager 541-737-2486 ILLC 182
Court Tom Faculty Instructor 541-737-2287 ILLC 543
Johansen Tiffany Admissions Graduate Admissions Specialist 541-737-5719 ILLC 181
Palaniuk Tiffany Faculty Instructor University Plaza 185
Zalevskaya Tatyana Office Specialist ILLC Welcome Desk
Waller Tara Faculty Academic English Associate Program Manager 541-737-2243 ILLC 543
Purdy Sydney Learning Center Learning Center and Testing Coordinator 541-737-1813 ILLC 138
Sheldrick Susannah Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Sheldrick Susanna Faculty Instructor 541-737-5418 ILLC 247
Beddes Susan Faculty Undergraduate Pathway Program Manager 541-737-4947 ILLC 182
Kropp Susan Faculty Instructor 541-737-2285 ILLC 447
Prejean Summer UHDS ILLC Resident Director 541-737-3681 ILLC 145
Paden Stan Faculty Instructor ILLC 247
Walker Shawn Faculty Instructor ILLC 243
Tanner Shannon Faculty Instructor University Plaza 185
Panzeri Shain Admissions Director of International Admissions & Academic Support 541-737-4281 ILLC 181
Norek Sarah Finance Finance Assistant 541-737-5341 ILLC 175