Oregon State University


Photo 1

Waldo Hall after an occasional winter snow.

Photo 2

Spring brings flowers and showers to the Oregon State campus.

Photo 3

The MU Quad is the center and crossroads of campus.

Photo 4

Fall brings a blaze of color to the Oregon State campus.

Photo 5

Falling leaves blanket the MU Quad.

Photo 6

Fall brings bright colors and new students to the Oregon State campus.

Photo 7

Wide lawns on the MU Quad make an ideal study spot in the spring and summer.

Photo 8

The Oregon State Memorial Union, popularly known as the MU.

Photo 9

Fall on the Oregon State campus.

Photo 10

The Memorial Union Quad features wide lawns and expansive shade trees.

Photo 11

A campus icon, Weatherford Hall is home to Oregon State's Austin Entrepreneurship Program.

Photo 12

The Valley Library contains more than 1.4 million volumes, and it's also home to the Linus Pauling Collection.

Photo 13

The Kelley Engineering Center is one of two LEED Gold-certified buildings on campus.

Photo 14

The clock tower in front of Valley Library chimes on the hour and half-hour.

Photo 15

The Women's Building is part of the National Historic District on the Oregon State campus.

Photo 16

The Valley Library features several large, comfortable study lounges.

Photo 17

Students enjoy a sunny day outside the Valley Library.

Photo 18

The elegant Women's Building is home to the College of Health & Human Sciences.

Photo 19

The Memorial Union and MU Quad, the heart of the Oregon State campus.

Photo 20

The occasional snowstorm makes the winter campus sparkle.