Oregon State University

Bacc Core for Teachers: Family and Consumer Sciences

Consider the offerings in each category relative to this theme. Remember that each Bacc Core category requires the completion of one (1) course. The Bacc Core Playlists draw primarily from the Perspectives and Synthesis areas of the core and do not constitute complete coverage of the Bacc Core. For example: the majority of lists do not include courses from every perspectives sub-category, nor do they incorporate/address the Skills areas of the core.

  • Speech
  • Math
    • MTH 245 Mathematics for Management, Life, and Social Sciences
  • Writing II
  • Biological Science
    • BI 101 General Biology
    • MB 230 Introduction to Microbiology
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Physical Science
    • CH 122 Chemistry (prerequisite of CH 121)
  • Social Processes and Institutions
  • Western Culture
    • FST 260 Food Science and Technology in Western Culture
  • Difference, Power, and Discrimination
  • Synthesis – Contemporary Global Issues
  • Synthesis – Science, Technology, and Society
    • NUTR 312 Issues in Nutrition and Health 

**Education Double Degree Students – For maximum effectiveness, use this listing in conjunction with the Family and Consumer Sciences Content Mastery Sheet