Oregon State University

Update: Brian K. Downer Predatory Sex Offender

UPDATED INFORMATION:  On Jan. 21, 2013 Mr. Downer, a registered sex offender in the State of Oregon, moved to the following location:  2153 SW 45th St., Corvallis, OR 97333.


Original message distributed 09/26/2012 at 1607 via email.


The individual listed below is a registered predatory sex offender who has recently been released from prison and now lives in close proximity to the Oregon State University campus.  He targets college age females and minor age females.  If you see this individual on OSU owned or controlled property contact the University Patrol Office of the Oregon State Police at 541-737-3010 for non-emergencies or 541-737-7000 for emergencies. 


If you are a college age or minor age female you should avoid any contact with this individual.

Brian K. Downer 


Name:                              Brian K. Downer

Race:                               White

Sex:                                  Male

DOB:                               07-11-64

Age:                                 48

Hgt:                                 5’8”

Wgt:                                 145

Eyes:                                Brown

Hair:                                Brown


Legal Status:                   On post-prison supervision for Attempted Sexual Abuse 1 and Coercion until 8/7/2014


Special Conditions:         No contact with minors; Not to frequent places where minors congregate (playgrounds, schools, arcades, library); Submit to polygraph examinations; no pornography; Successfully complete Sex Offender Treatment; No direct or indirect contact with the victims; Not to use or possess alcohol; Daily curfew, 6pm-8am; No contact with OSU campus; No contact with apartment complexes; No contact with swimming pools/swimming area. No internet; GPS tracking; must register as a sex offender.


Report any misconduct or violation to: Parole Officer Sarah Ingalls – 541-766-6242 (business hours) 541-766-6911 (after hours), email: sarah.ingalls@co.benton.or.us


If you see this person on campus, do not approach or contact him.  Call the Oregon State Police, University Patrol Office at 541-737-3010.