Oregon State University

Security Alert: Multiple Burglaries

On Monday, December 2, 2013 Oregon State University received reports of three burglaries occurring in offices of University staff.  The items stolen include a laptop computer, wallets, credit cards, cash, and identification.  The credit cards were then used to make purchases at local merchants.  Please take steps to protect your property.  Do not leave your office unlocked, even for brief moments.  Wallets, purses, book bags, and backpacks should not be left unattended. 


The suspects in these incidents have not been identified or arrested at this time.


Suspect #1

NAME:                                      Unknown

RACE:                                        African - American

GENDER:                                  Male

HAIR:                                         Black

EYES:                                         Brown

HEIGHT:                                   Tall Possibly 6’04”

WEIGHT:                                  Thin 195 – 200 lbs.

APPEARANCE:                       Clean cut, no facial hair, wearing dark glasses

APPROXIMATE AGE:           20 – 30 years old


Suspect #2

NAME:                                      Unknown

RACE:                                        Unknown

GENDER:                                  Female

HAIR:                                         Black, straightened, shoulder length

EYES:                                         Unknown

HEIGHT:                                   5’06” – 5’07” tall

WEIGHT:                                  Medium build

APPROXIMATE AGE:           20 – 30 years old



If you see anyone matching this description on campus, do not approach or contact them.  Call the Oregon State Police, University Patrol Office at 541-737-3010.