Oregon State University

Scheduled Power Shutdown

Proposed schedule for the June 16th Shutdown.


The following buildings will be without power from approximately 8am-6pm.

  • Withycombe
  • McNary
  • Wilson
  • Callahan


These buildings will have the power shut off at 8am and re-energized at approximately 10am. Then de-energized at 5pm and re-energized at approximately 6pm.

  • Withycombe
  • Nash
  • Gilmore
  • Ballard Extension
  • Women’s Building
  • Snell
  • McAlexander Fieldhouse
  • Gladys Valley Gymnastics Center
  • Pharmacy
  • Women’s Center
  • Education
  • Kerr Admin



Your contacts for questions and concerns regarding this shutdown are Stuart Larson (stuart.larson@oregonstate.edu) and Scott Drahn (scott.drahn@oregonstate.edu) .  You can also contact the Campus Operations Work Coordination Center (541) 737-2969.