Oregon State University

Power Outage: Corvallis Campus

There has been a power outage on campus impacting 20 buildings since about 11:00 a.m. (NOTE: This is also impacting much of west Corvallis.) Approximately half of those have backup generators operating the buildings. The remaining buildings do not have backup power. Those are:


Hallie Ford

Black Cultural Center

Dawes House

Ocean Admin

Asian Cultural Center


College Inn

Pacific Power is on site and working closely with the university to resolve the issue.

Out of precaution, ALS (Ag & Life Sciences), Gilbert and Richardson have been evacuated because no circulation can be made for the labs.

It may be possible for classes to still meet in the remaining buildings and the decision should be made by the faculty member holding the class. Please be sure a sign is posted on the door of the classroom if the class will be canceled so students are informed.

A notification will be sent when power has been re-established with those buildings.