Oregon State University

Male Unlawfully Enters Residences at Night

On December 5, 2012, at 8:30 a.m., the Corvallis Police Department responded to a report of a burglary in the 2200 block of NW Harrison Blvd.  The female victim told officers she was asleep in her bed when she awoke at 1:45 a.m. to an unknown male standing in her room, watching her.  As the suspect realized she was awake, he quickly fled the residence through the front door.  One of the victim’s roommates, who was not at the residence during the crime, later reported her under garments were removed from her dresser and placed on her bed.  A second roommate did not see the suspect, but told police she heard someone running down the stairs during the same time frame.


During the investigation, officers contacted a neighbor who reported a similar incident.  She described she was asleep in her bedroom between midnight and 3:00 a.m., when she heard her bedroom door open.  She saw an unknown male standing in the doorway facing her.  She spoke to the male who fled the residence in an unknown direction.


In both incidents, the suspect is described as a white male, approximately 6’00” tall with a thin build.  Both females stated the suspect was wearing a dark colored, hooded sweatshirt, with the hood pulled over his head.  One victim stated the suspect was wearing dark colored shorts.  No one was injured during the incidents and property was not stolen from either location. 


The Corvallis Police Department would like to remind everyone to close, and lock, all doors and windows at night, and when away from your residence.  Walk with other people at night and walk with confidence.  Be constantly aware of your surrounding and report all suspicious and out of place persons to the police.


An investigation into the crimes is continuing by the Corvallis Police Department Investigations Unit.  Anyone with information to assist the investigation is asked to call Detective Brett Roach at (541) 766-6924.



NAME   Unknown

RACE:    White

GENDER:   Male

HAIR:    Unknown

EYES:   Unknown

HEIGHT:   Tall

WEIGHT:   Thin Build

CLOTHING:   Dark Colored, Hooded, Sweatshirt, Dark Colored Shorts



If you see this person on campus, do not approach or contact him.  Call the Oregon State Police, University Patrol Office at 541-737-3010 or Corvallis Police Department at 9-1-1.