Oregon State University

University Housing

OSU's 13 residence halls, four cooperative houses and family housing apartment complex, managed by University Housing & Dining Services, take many steps to prepare for the arrival of our new students and the start of the academic year. Preparations have been done to assure our students were met by staff ready to assist in the management of the flu and any necessary self-isolation in event of illness.

Students presenting flu-like symptoms in on-campus housing are encouraged to return home for the duration of their illness, and to work with professors remotely. Student and professional staff are assisting those students who are unable to return home for their recovery. Staff have also been trained to assist students in maintaining a healthy living environment. All residence halls are equipped with flu kits, and include supplies for assisting in the recovery of ill students through the CDC recommended 24-hour self-isolation period following the cessation of their fever.

All on-campus residential facilities have been equipped with additional hand sanitizer dispensers, in both the restrooms and on each floor elevator lobby. Signage is posted to remind students of the signs and symptoms of the flu, and to direct them where to go for further information and assistance. "Food Buddies" are also being encouraged, and are naturally available in roommate situations, for the assistance in obtaining food and other supplies necessary for recovery.

Department leadership are also represented on major University health and safety committees and task forces in order to work with all campus entities to assist ill students.

For more information University Housing & Dining Services can be found online at http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/ or by phone at (541) 737-4771.