Oregon State University

University Dining

OSU's UHDS managed three dining centers and Bing’s Café are taking many steps to assist our new students and the start of the academic year. Staff training occurred for both student and professional staff members. Each were given the tools and resources to assist both well and ill students through a higher than average number of flu cases through our dining locations.

Our regular services will continue to be provided, but our staff will be extra attentive to routine cleaning on a more frequent basis. Our customers are seeing an increase in the availability of to-go meals, and pre-packaged meals. We also offer all ill students the ability to order meals via an online "Food Buddy" ordering system, in order to assist them in their efforts to self-isolate.

Students are being encouraged to return home, or stay in their rooms when they are ill, as opposed to going out into the dining centers to get their food. "Food Buddies" have been encouraged to assist students in getting food and other supplies they may need to recover.

For more information University Housing & Dining Services can be found online at http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/ or by phone at (541) 737-4771.