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The LGBT Services Office supports Oregon State University in meeting the specific academic, social, and cultural needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Allied (LGBTQQIA) students, prospective and current. Retention of LGBTQQIA students is the primary goal of the LGBT Services Office. Promoting campus based groups who educate and raise awareness about sexual and affectional orientation and identities is an essential component of the program. Equally important is the goal of fostering relationships within Corvallis and across surrounding communities to help build relationships through which LGBTQQIA students can thrive as they pursue future educational, career, and life goals.

The LGBT Services Office works to empower all students by fostering opportunities to think critically, receive information, share knowledge and to sustain an educational environment in which each student has the support needed to shape unique identities. Growth is a natural progression of curricular and co-curricular experiences and the LGBT Services Office assists students with such growth processes through mentoring, advising, interaction and commitment.

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LGBT Outreach & Services 245 Snell Hall, 541-737-6342 LGBT.Services@oregonstate.edu
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