President's Report 2005

Last August I spent an afternoon at the H. J. Andrews Forest near Blue River meeting with OSU faculty members and other scientists. I am proud of their accomplishments. They have contributed invaluable knowledge about forest processes that affect so much of what we take for granted, from water supplies to the air we breathe. In a recent analysis of published research, OSU ranked number one in the country in forest ecology and in the top 10 in nine other subdisciplines. Much of this work occurs at the Andrews Forest.

This is just one example of how OSU makes a difference. Across the state, OSU researchers are working with entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen, teachers and others to create opportunities and to solve problems. Enjoy the stories and photos of some of our extraordinary people. Their excellence, vision and persistence provide unparalleled opportunities for our students. Underlying their success are the individuals, foundations and agencies who support that vision with their time, advocacy and funding.

Oregon State University is not only accountable for your investment in education and research. We excel at creating life-changing experiences for students and creating life-changing knowledge and technologies for the citizenry.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. I assure you it will be worth your while.

--President Ed Ray