National University Rover Challenge

OSU Parallax Squad, 2008 Winning Team


Ed Ray
Competing With the Best: OSU Students Excel From Corvallis to Beijing

Arya Mormon
Arya Morman: Pharmacy student and leader in the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

Kasey Every
Kasey Every: OSU Cascades marketing student and rodeo competitor



[Matt Shuman:] This is the OSU Parallax Squad Rover, winner of the University Rover Challenge in 2008. When we started this project in February, it wasn’t until mid-March where we thought, Is this really going to happen? And it wasn’t until after we won the competition and drove all the way back from Utah to here that we realized, This is amazing—and it really hasn’t sunk in yet.

Robotics is important because it allows us to go into space. It allows us to work in dangerous areas on Earth.

[Ahkila Nandgopal:] What I learned from this project is not to get discouraged the first time it doesn’t work, and to put in a lot more effort and push yourself.

[Shuman:] The most exciting moment was the “distressed astronaut discovery.” We had to drive through the landscape of Utah and figure out where that astronaut was. We had a time limit. It wasn’t until we crested the hill and we saw the astronaut in the distance that we started making our final surge. We finally got there with about two minutes to spare.

[Scott Miller:] My initial role was to work on the remote robotic arms—to improve the design and ruggedize them so they don’t break.

[Shuman:] Winning the University Rover Challenge really wouldn’t have been possible without scholarship support. It gave us the time and energy we really needed to do well and succeed in the project.