This Is Your OSU. A quarterly report from OSU President Ed Ray.


OSU researchers are broadening the nation's energy choices

Last September, as night fell on the gently rocking Pacific near Newport, Oregon, a pulsing white light marked the presence of a newcomer to the ocean.


Engineering water systems for Salvadoran coffee farmers reaps unexpected rewards

The OSU students' mission - to build clean-water systems with coffee farmers living high in a hidden rainforest - would test their engineering skills and slake their thirst for new experiences. They never expected the project to change their lives.


OSU students earn wide recognition

In the last year, OSU students received recognition and won competitions in fields from tax accounting to patient care, robotics to rowing. And as Fulbright Scholars, they applied their skills throughout the world.


Researchers put a continent under
intense scrutiny

"Not since the Lewis and Clark Expedition 200 years ago has there been such a comprehensive survey of the North American continent."


Creating critical thinkers in a wired library

At the library, some of us secretly wish we could thumb through index cards for titles, authors and Dewey Decimal numbers. We're also clinging to our vinyl Beach Boys albums.

Alumni Couple

Extraordinary people make it happen

The OSU Alumni Association recognizes them annually with the E.B. Lemon Distinguished Alumni Award, the Dan Poling Service Award and other honors. Listen to their voices and see a list of this year's recipients on the OSU Alumni Association Web site.