Jessica Perry

Lead student researcher

My project is about studying regeneration in zebrafish. Zebrafish are these very small fish that are found in aquariums. They’re really common, and they’re very unique because they’re able to regenerate tissue that’s been amputated. It’s really an exciting project because it will, it can eventually lead to therapies that will help people who have lost tissue, like people who have had a heart attack and can’t re-grow back heart tissue that’s been lost.

And there’s a special grant for OSU, and every summer there’s a special program for students to have an internship with a mentor of their choosing. They develop a project. It can be in any discipline, but it’s usually either science or engineering. It’s for eleven weeks in the summer, and you get paid to do your research project. And at the end you give a presentation at a symposium. It’s a really great thing to have on your resume. And it’s really exciting to find out if research is right for you, and if that’s something you’d be interested in studying in grad school.


Dithiocarbamates are widely used in the developed world. One important use is as agricultural pesticides. To address the increasing concern about the effects of exposure, this project showed that in the zebrafish model, DCT leads to adverse developmental defects. Research continues to find out how normal development is disrupted and what this means for humans and wildlife.

Oregon State University