Oregon State University Policies and Standards

Effective July 1, 2014, Oregon State University (OSU) became a separate legal entity from the Oregon University System.  With its own Board of Trustees, Oregon State is no longer governed by the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE).  As a result of the legislation effecting this governance transition, OSU has different authorities than it previously had, and rather than promulgating Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), it will provide Policies or Standards.  Policies govern the OSU community of faculty, staff and students, while Standards govern all individuals and have the force of law.

For convenience during this transition period, OSU Policies and Standards will follow the same numbering system as the previous OAR numbers (but will appear without the “OAR” designator).

Chapter 580 of the OARs, previously promulgated by the SBHE, are now Chapter 580 of OSU Standards.  SBHE policies and Internal Management Directives (IMDs) are now OSU Policies.  To interpret the Chapter 580 Standards and former SBHE policies/IMDs during this transition period, note that “Board” or “State Board of Higher Education” now refers to OSU’s Board of Trustees; “Chancellor” means “President;” “Institution” means OSU; and so on. 

Former Chapter 576 of the OARs, previously promulgated by OSU, were repealed on June 30, 2014, and were readopted as OSU Policies or OSU Standards in substantially identical form on July 1, 2014 (where the previous OARs would still apply in the new governance structure). 

This website collects all of the applicable OSU Policies and Standards that were previously SBHE Chapter 580 OARs, SBHE Policies, SBHE IMDs, or OSU Chapter 576 OARs.  While other OSU policies will ultimately be migrated to this OSU Policies and Standards website, other OSU policies are not yet collected here.

For additional information about the OSU Policies and Standards during this transition period, please contact the University’s Office of General Counsel at 541-737-2474.