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  • Resource for those with concerns about bullying -

    Contact the Oregon State University Ombuds Office  Waldo 113      phone 541-737-7028

The University Ombuds Office promotes a civil and inclusive campus community by providing informal, impartial, and confidential* conflict management services to all members of the university community. 

The Ombuds assists with individual concerns through service and education, and serves as a change agent to address group conflict and systemic concerns. It is the goal of the Ombuds to foster a culture of healthy, safe and open dialogue, and facilitate cooperative problem resolution.

If you contact this office to address a specific conflict, the Ombuds will listen to your concerns, value diverse perspectives, help you explore options for resolution, provide facilitation or mediation services when appropriate, and remain impartial to all parties involved. The University Ombuds Office provides a safe place to share your concerns.

An archived document linked here lists various other resources, but it is not up-to-date

OSU Reports

2013 PCOSW Annual Report

2012 PCOSW Annual Report

Creating a Family Friendly Department: Chairs and Deans Toolkit

2011 PCOSW Annual Report

Work/Life Balance Report

OSU Parent Needs Assessment FINAL Report (2007)

OSU Parent Needs Assessment Qualitative Report (2007)

2006-7 PCOSW Annual Report, May 2007

Promotion and Tenure Process Review: Report to Faculty Senate and Provost's Council, March 2007

Promotion and Tenure Process Review: Discussion Draft Recommendations, March 2007

2004 Path to Parity for Women at Oregon State University

OSU Campus Climate Report, January 2005

Mean and Median Salary, Number of Faculty Per Rank, and Gender by College, 2001-05


Guidelines for Including Gender Equity in Diversity Action Plans

The PCOSW Guidelines are intended to provide clarity to the colleges and administrative units in the ongoing development of their Diversity Action Plans. Gender equity ideas suggested in this PowerPoint will address the concerns detailed in the 2004 Parity for Women Report.

For further information about how gender related concerns can be addressed within departments, colleges and other administrative units, please contact a member of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women Strategic Planning Committee.

PCOSW Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation