PCOSW Membership 2007-08

PCOSW Membership 2010-2011


Commission members are expected to attend regular commission meetings and subcommittee meetings, remain current with commission issues via email, listserv and reports, engage in outreach, connection, and collaboration while participating actively on working committees, and contribute toward the goals, vision, and mission of PCOSW.

Leadership & Strategic Planning Committee

Gail Bjorkman Women Studies & Philosophy
Louisa Hooven Zoology 737-3706
Rebekah Lancelin Honors College 737-6431
Joanna Means Education 737-2599 or 760-9171
Jane Nichols Valley Library 737-7269
Candy Pierson-Charlton English Language Institute 737-7981
Thuy Tran Business 737-6020

Third Year Plus Members

Michelle Bothwell Chemical, Biological & Envir. Engineering 737-6313
Margie Haak    

Second Year Members

Amanda Meeker ASOSU Health & Wellness Coordinator 737-6019
S. Mark Meyers Geosciences 737-2532

First Year Members

Caroline Charlton Music  
Kelley Kendall Student Health Services 737-9355
Cait O'Brien Psychology & English  
Kayli Paterson Biology  

Ex Officio Members

Sarah Ballini ASOSU Saferide Director 737-2252
Donna Champeau Office for Women's Advancement and Gender Equity Director 737-3835
Kryn Freehling-Burton
Michelle Marie
Women Studies 737-2826
Angelo Gomez Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity 737-0868
Sara Gwin ASOSU Women's Affairs 737-6354
Beth Rietveld Women's Center Director 737-1330
Terryl Ross Community & Diversity 737-4381
Brett Vicario University Counseling & Psych Services 737-2131
Marianne Vydra Intercollegiate Athletics 737-7496