Archived Exibits


January, 2013
OSU Staff Art Show

February, 2013
509J Student Art Show

February & March, 2013
4th Annual Cultural Connections Exhibit- The Many Faces of Africa

April 2013
Art About Agriculture

May 2013
A Bit of Sunshine

June 2013
Art Immersed in the Aquatic Underworld

July 2013
The 8th Annual Community Art Exhibit

August 2013
The Crater Lake Experience International Art Show

September 2013
Call & Response IV: Call It Home

October 2013
Vista & Vineyards 24th Anniversary Show

November 2013
Our Favorite Places: The Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild



January, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Oregon State Open Invite

February & March, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Annual Cultural Connections Show: Ancient Americas

April, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Art About Agriculture

May, 2012
Giustina Gallery: The Inescapable Nature: Michael Gibbons, William Shumway, Michael Rangner

June, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Call & Response III

July & August, 2012
Giustina Gallery:  Community Show

September, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Albany Juried Exhibition

October, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Vistas and Vineyards

November & December, 2012
Giustina Gallery: Oregon Waterways: The Rich Abundance From Streams to Ocean


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