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Can I embed the Kaltura MediaSpace media in a web page?

Yes, media in Kaltura MediaSpace can be embedded on a web page. Once you're logged in:

  • Click My Media.
  • Click on the media you'd like to embed.
  • Click the Share button underneath the media.
  • Select Embed.
  • Copy this code and paste it into the source code for your web page.

This can be done on any web page including Drupal, Blackboard and Canvas pages. Only the owner of the media has access to the HTML code necessary for embedding that piece of media.

Can instructors use Kaltura MediaSpace media in their Learning Management System, such as Blackboard or Canvas?

Yes. Both Canvas and Blackboard have been integrated with Kaltura so that any content uploaded through Kaltura MediaSpace is available to the owner through the LMS, and vice versa, so that any content uploaded through the LMS is equally available in Kaltura MediaSpace. Instructors in Canvas should look for the "My Media" and "Media Gallery" items in the menu. Instructors in Blackboard will find their Kaltura media throught the "Course Gallery" in their menu.

What are the different ways that I can distribute my media?

Initially, all media uploaded into Kaltura MediaSpace is private. That means that the only person who can access that content is the owner. But there are a few different ways to distribute your media once it has been encoded. These include:

How do I add media to a Channel?

You must create a Channel or be granted permission from a Channel manager in order to submit content to a Channel. Furthermore, you may only submit content that you own to a Channel. You may add content to a Channel in one of two ways. Either from the Channel's page or from the media's page. From the Channel's page:

How do I make a Channel?

Users of Kaltura MediaSpace can create their own personal Channels. To do this: