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Can instructors use MediaSpace media in Blackboard?

Yes. Instructors who have uploaded media to MediaSpace can link to it in Blackboard. Furthermore, by leaving their media unpublished in MediaSpace and simply embedding the media in Blackboard, the instructor can prevent anyone but their assigned students from accessing that specific piece of media.

How does the new MediaSpace impact my previously uploaded "Private" media?

All media previously uploaded and set as "Private" will continue to behave in the same way. That is, the media will not be discoverable by searching MediaSpace or by browsing through the galleries or channels. Only if you link to that media will people be able to access it, with the added caveat that if that link becomes publically accessible, then *anyone* will be able to access it.

How do I upload my .TS/.MTS/.M2T/.M2TS video file?

Newer cameras may record as an MPEG transport stream with extensions such as .TS, .MTS, .M2T or .M2TS. Ultimately, all these videos are MPEG videos. If you change your file's extension to .MPEG or .MPG, you should be able to upload your recording successfully.

Windows sometimes conceals the extensions to your video files. In order to see all your file extensions, following these steps:

In Windows 7:

I am getting the error "Application is unable to access your file system". How do I resolve this?

  1. Navigate to this page at Adobe.com.
  2. Select the second tab, "Global Storage Settings".
  3. Move the slider so that your storage amount is at least 100 KB.
  4. Check the box for "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer."
  5. Check the box for "Store common Flash components to reduce download times."

How do I make my video unlisted?

Marking your video as unlisted means that your video will not be discoverable in MediaSpace either by browsing the site or by searching. But the video will remain accessible so that if you share a link to your video with others, they will be able able to watch your video without having to login. But if this link is shared by others or added to another web site, it may become public to the world. This is a suitable solution for discreet but not sensitive material.