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On what devices will my media play?

MediaSpace content is designed for both desktop and mobile playback. It will also play back content on any device capable of playing Flash video. MediaSpace also supports HTML5 playback and will play video without a Flash plugin on both Mac and Windows computers with most modern browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, most Google Android devices, as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

What version of Flash do I need to play MediaSpace videos?

Most newer versions of Flash will work, but for security reasons it is always recommended that your Flash player be up to date. Known issues with older versions include:

  • Unable to view video in full screen
  • Unable to upload video from a webcam

If you experience these or similar problems, please update your Flash player to the latest version.

What limitations are there to using MediaSpace on a mobile device?

iOS and Android mobile devices are capable of playing back content from MediaSpace. But functionality such as uploading content or capturing from a webcam can only be accomplished from a desktrop browser.

What devices and/or browsers are not supported with MediaSpace?

The Mozilla Firefox browser not does support the format of HTML5 video used by MediaSpace. As such, you require the Flash plugin in order to watch media in Firefox. Furthermore, MediaSpace has not been tested with any Blackberry or Windows Phone device.

Where is my content from Media Manager?

All media from our legacy Media Manager system has been migrated to MediaSpace. Because of the way ownership of media is assigned in MediaSpace, it is possible that a piece of media which you previously owned in Media Manager will not be available to you in MediaSpace. The migration process only allowed for one person to own a piece of media, and that ownership was assigned to the original uploader. In some cases, that person is no longer at OSU or has simply transferred responsibility to another person.

Are there file size limitations in MediaSpace?

MediaSpace only allows for media of less than 2GB to be uploaded. Alternate methods of upload exist for files larger than 2GB. Please contact Media Services for details.

Is there a limit on how much media I can upload?

Currently there is no limit to the number, duration, or size of media that can be uploaded into MediaSpace. Users of MediaSpace may encounter issues uploading files larger than 2 GB. For assistance uploading large files, please contact Media Services.

Why won't this media play?

There may be several reasons why a piece of media may not play. These are just a few:

In what resolution is media encoded?

Content uploaded to MediaSpace is encoded in a variety of formats for both desktop and mobile playback. They are:

  • Low (464 kbps, 480x[auto])
  • Medium (1660 kbps, 1024x[auto])
  • High (4192 kbps, [auto]x[auto])

It is important to note that MediaSpace cannot produce a piece of media at a higher resolution than the quality of the original file.