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On what devices will my media play?

MediaSpace content is designed for both desktop and mobile playback. It will also play back content on any device capable of playing Flash video. MediaSpace also supports HTML5 playback and will play video without a Flash plugin on both Mac and Windows computers with most modern browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, most Google Android devices, as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Is there a limit on how much media I can upload?

Currently there is no limit to the number, duration, or size of media that can be uploaded into MediaSpace. Users of MediaSpace may encounter issues uploading files larger than 2 GB. For assistance uploading large files, please contact Media Services.

In what resolution is media encoded?

Content uploaded to MediaSpace is encoded in a variety of formats for both desktop and mobile playback. They are:

  • Low (464 kbps, 480x[auto])
  • Medium (1660 kbps, 1024x[auto])
  • High (4192 kbps, [auto]x[auto])

It is important to note that MediaSpace cannot produce a piece of media at a higher resolution than the quality of the original file.

In what bit rate is media encoded?

Video is encoded in bit rates ranging from from 496 kbps to 4192 kbps. It is important to note that MediaSpace cannot produce a piece of media at a higher bit rate than that of the original file.

What are the recommended specifications for uploading a video?

For best results with video, we recommend preparing videos in 1280x720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 4000 kbps.

Can I recover the media I previously uploaded to MediaSpace?

MediaSpace does not retain your originally uploaded file nor is it an archival system. MediaSpace creates a high quality transcoding of the media you uploaded, but the original file is discarded after the conversion is completed. You should retain the original copy of all media you uploaded.

Can I replace the video I uploaded with a new or modified video?

Functionality exists to replace media in MediaSpace with an alternate recording while retaining the same link and metadata. Please contact Media Services for further details.

Can my media be seen by other people?

You have the option to make your media public for all to see by publishing it to a public category or restrict it's access to it to only yourself, or to a select group of people in a Channel or restricted category.

Can I assign my media to any category?

Certain categories in MediaSpace are unmoderated. You can add your content to any of these categories. At the same time, administrators may find your content is inappropriate for the selected category and may remove it from that category.

Can I restrict access to a category?

MediaSpace administrators at Media Services have the ability to restrict categories in a number of ways:

  • Listing: The media within this category is not listed unless the user is logged in or unless the user is on a specific access list.
  • Visibility: The category is not visible among the other categories in MediaSpace unless the user is on a specific access list.
  • Submission: A user may not submit media a category unless the user is on a specific access list.

Users on an access list can have one of two different types of permissions: