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Why won't this media play?

There may be several reasons why a piece of media may not play. These are just a few:

  • Slow Connection: A slow connection simply means that you'll get your media - it will only take longer to reach you. Watch the media's progress bar to see how much of the media has been buffered. Give it some time. Larger media may not play back smoothly until the entire segment has been buffered.
  • Incomplete Buffering: Sometimes the buffering of a piece of media is interrupted and you can't get the full clip to buffer properly because the interrupted clip has been been cached. Clearing your browser's cache may solve this.
  • Access Controls: MediaSpace allows content owners to restrict access to their media. If you see an Access Denied message when attempting to view a piece of media, first make sure that you are logged in. If the issue persists, contact the content owner and request that you be added to the access list for that piece of media.