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What's new?

The new version of Kaltura MediaSpace integrates many of the features people have been wanting along with some new functionality and a handful of bug fixes. The new features break down as follows:
Mobile Friendly Design
The new design is a dramatic departure from the classic Kaltura MediaSpace look and feel. It's a forward looking design that's more dynamic and mobile friendly.
Mobile Uploader
The new mobile design also means you'll be able to upload directly from your mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android.
HTML5-First Player
The new player is more streamlined and loads quicker. And because it's HTML5, you no longer need Flash on your computer.
Rich Text & HTML in Description
You can now add rich text - such as bold, italics and underline - as well as simple HTML such as hyperlinks in your item descriptions.
Unlisted Media
You can once more share your media without making it public. Unlisted media cannot be found by browsing or searching the Kaltura MediaSpace site but a direct link to the media will load without need for a password.
HTTPS Encryption
HTTPS encrypts your access to Kaltura MediaSpace and protects your information. It also means that your Kaltura MediaSpace content can be added to secure sites like Blackboard and Canvas.
Audio Specific Player
Kaltura MediaSpace now has a dedicated player specifically for audio content.
Image Specific Player
Kaltura MediaSpace also has a dedicated player specifically for images.
Download Your Media
The new Edit Player allows you to download your own media for the first time.
Select Your Thumbnail
The new Edit Player also allows you to set your own thumbnail for your own media.
Entitlements/Access Controls
Perhaps the most important, most demanded, and most anticipated component of the new Kaltura MediaSpace is the implementation of entitlements. Entitlements means you'll be able to apply access controls to your content and restrict your media to specific users.
Unpublished: All media, upon initial upload, will now be set by default as "unpublished" which means that it will be inaccessible to anyone but yourself. To make it accessible, you must assign it to a category or Channel. This differs from the previous "Private/Public" method where private content could still be accessed so long as the uploader distributed a link to that media. All content previously identified as Private will remain shareable as before but ultimately we recommend you go back and review your content to determine if you want it to remain secretly available or if you want it to be totally inaccessible.
Channels: A user will now be able to create a "Channel". A Channel is a category that you share with only a select group of other people. You can define the members of that group through their ONID name.
Restricted/Moderated Categories: We can now turn on restrictions for public categories in Kaltura MediaSpace so that only certain people can assign content to them. We can identify moderators to categories so that even if content is assigned to them, it can go through an approval process, or we can hide a category entirely so that if you're not on an access list, it won't show up for you in MediaSpace at all.
Accessibility is very important to Oregon State University. As such, we are adding functionality to make MediaSpace more accessible to students with disabilities and, more specifically, improve access to captioned media.
Captions Uploading: If you are familiar with the proper method of formatting a captions file for video, you may upload your own captions for media you own.
Captions Searching: With captions uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace, we now have the ability to search the text of those captions for keywords, thus vastly improving the discoverability of content in Kaltura MediaSpace.
Less Flash/More HTML5
HTML5 is a new web technology that allows you to do numerous things in your modern web browser without the need for plugins. That means...
Media Playback Without Flash: You will be able to playback video and audio in Kaltura MediaSpace without the need for the Flash plugin so long as you are using recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9.0+), Google Chrome (version 18+) or Apple Safari (version 5.1+). Mozilla Firefox does not presently support this type of video but will continue to playback media via the Flash plugin.
New Non-Flash Upload Widget: The Flash plugin is no longer employed for uploading media to Kaltura MediaSpace. This will eliminate some quirks related to file uploading. It also means you don't need to have the Flash plugin installed to upload media. Furthermore, the new upload widget now allows you to upload more than one piece of media at a time.
Improved Layout
One of the most frustrating layout issues of the old Kaltura MediaSpace was that the gallery of content was presented horizontally across the top of the page, thus pushing down your video, often times to a point where you had to scroll just to see your video. The gallery has now been relocated to a vertical strip on the left-hand side of the page. Furthermore:

  • Elements such as "My Media" and "My Playlists" don't appear unless you are logged in.
  • The search box has been integrated into the main OSU search bar so that you won't find two search boxes at the top-right of the page.
  • The new OSU design has been applied universally throughout the site in order to present a more uniform look and feel with other OSU sites.