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Contracts & Pricing


Each OSU department must sign an annual, fiscal year contract with Information Services for Community Network access and support. New contracts signed after July 1 will extend to the end of the fiscal year. After a contract has been completed and signed for a given fiscal year, Information Services will submit a journal voucher via the FIS system. New services or customers may be added during the contract year at no additional cost.

Approval must be obtained by a designated department representative and the assigned IT Manager before any additional services are started. Special project fees will be submitted via FIS, on a separate JV, after the special project is completed.

Either party in a contract can terminate the contract after giving one term's (90 days) written notice. The contracting department will be responsible for paying for the 90 days service from the point they submit the written termination request to the director of Technology Support Services. There will also be a special project fee charged to the department if the department terminates the contract, to pay for Information Service's time to remove Community Network software from departmental workstations. This service will be performed at Information Service's expense if Information Services terminates the contract.  Departments should also realize that they will need to purchase licenses for CN-provided software (i.e. Microsoft campus agreement).

Pricing for 2013-2014

(Contracts are billed on an annual basis for the entire fiscal year)

CN Service (service description)

$768 per year for all .3 FTE or greater

All staff and faculty within the department are supported.
  All OSU owned computers in the department are supported.
E-Station (service description)
$10.00/month E-Station hardware with support
Special Projects (service description)
$80.00/hour Support for non-standard requests
Other Fees
$2.00/month Extra mailbox space (1GB increments)
$4.00/year Additional department shared disk space (1GB increments)
$264 per year for all .3 FTE or greater Remote sites - All staff and faculty within the department are supported.
  All OSU owned computers in the department are supported.
Free Services:
n/a CN student account (100MB mailbox with access to department shared disk space)
n/a Resource email account (room, equipment, and department calendars)

* Does not include travel expenses to and from remote sites.