Three for Three to the U.K., Korea and Germany

Each year, Fulbright selects 8-20 individuals to participate in one of six bi-national *programs in as many countries: France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and United Kingdom.Dawn Moyer Fulbright IEA UK Group

This past August, Education Abroad Advisor, Dawn Moyer joined with 19 other international education professionals, as they visited eleven universities across England and Scotland and learned about the qualities and characteristics that distinguish UK higher education from US higher education. The 3-week itinerary organized by the UK-US Fulbright Commission, involved presentations, tours and discussions on topics such as internationalization in higher education, recruitment and integration of international students, and creative partnerships for expanded learning and research.

Fulbright awards are among the most prestigious and well-known scholarships world-wide that encourage both students and faculty from the U.S. and 125 countries to exchange ideas through teaching, learning and research. Begun after WWII, Fulbright awards are about “promoting leadership, learning and empathy between nations through education exchange”.

Dawn, who is the lead advisor for all study abroad programs in English speaking countries, also coordinates OSU’s university-wide student exchange programs, many of which are with British universities. Last year, 25 OSU students spent part or all of a year in the UK and 17 UK students reciprocated, spending 1-3 quarters at OSU.

Lillian Read Cooking ClassThis past June, Danny Damron (former director of IDEA), received the Fulbright IEA award to South Korea and in October 2013, Lillian Read, also an Education Abroad Advisor and Coordinator of Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs, will embark on a 2-week Fulbright program to Germany, where she will investigate the German system of higher education and meet with existing and potential OSU partner institutions.

*Fulbright IEA is designed to provide opportunities for higher education administrators to share best practices and return to their campuses with new ideas, connections and ideas for implementing global opportunities on their own campuses.