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Semester at Sea
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Semester at Sea is a pioneer and leader in global, comparative education—a form of international study that focuses on surveying the world's peoples, patterns, cultures, and traditions. Global, comparative education is the element that distinguishes Semester at Sea from other study abroad programs. Operating a traveling shipboard campus allows diverse learning communities to live and learn in close quarters as they travel the world, and SAS provides opportunities for intensive engagement, reflection, interaction, and exchange that simply aren't available with other programs. Field-based, experiential learning is a vital component of Semester at Sea. The ship becomes a campus where participants study in a traditional setting, while the world is transformed into an academic laboratory where students earn 20% of their grade. Field Labs are designed and led by a faculty member who has expertise in a particular culture, location, or subject matter. These in-port labs enhance and explore course content. SAS directed trips are led by staff or faculty. May be recommended by a faculty member as an excellent complement to a student's syllabus. Independent Practica are opportunities for a participant to conduct independent research. Requires faculty approval to count as fulfillment of field requirement.

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Classes and residences are on board the MV Explorer, a 590-foot ship made into a floating campus. There are seven decks, student residences, dining halls, a library, recreational facilities, and more. Check out the Semester at Sea website for more information! There are voyages summer, fall, and spring with different routes around the world. The destinations vary slightly every year. While in port, students have the choice to stay in country or on the ship.

Fall term
Winter/Spring Semester
Class Format: 
Classes Primarily with US and International Students

Minimum 2.75 GPA, Consistent full time student status where one full term has been completed, 300-500 word essay.
See the Semester at Sea Application Checklist for more information on application requirements.

Semester At Sea Application Deadlines

Fall Voyage: April 15th
Spring Voyage (Winter/Spring semester): October 15th
Summer Voyage: March 15th

It is strongly recommended that students apply at least six months in advance.

Mandatory Application Checklist: 
Program Details: 

Please see the Semester at Sea website for more information.
See the SAS video to learn more about the program.

Program Costs: 

Please see the Semester at Sea website for program cost details
$350 per term OSU Education Abroad Administration Fee

Academic emphasis: 
Applied Visual Arts
Asian Lang & Cultures
Business Admin.
Civil Eng.
Digital Comm Art
Earth Science
Environ. Econ. Policy
Environ. Science
Ethnic Studies
General Science
Int'l Business
Natural Resources
New Media Comm.
Political Science
Public Health
Speech Comm.