OUS: Mexico, Querétaro

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OUS (Oregon University System)
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The Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (or UAQ), a large public university, hosts the OUS intensive Spanish language programs. The UAQ is located on the historic Cerro de las Campanas on the western side of the city. The campus offers computer labs, libraries and many student cafeterias. The summer intensive programs are held on this and other university campuses in the city.


Querétaro, founded in 1531, is a vibrant and welcoming city with an extensive mixture of colonial and modern architecture. Located three hours NW of Mexico City, Querétaro is a UNESCO World Heritage site whose historic downtown (or centro) is notable for its colorful landscaped plazas, pedestrian walkways and beautifully restored colonial buildings. Close to the centro is Mexico’s tallest and longest aqueduct built in the early 1700s to bring drinking water into the city. Six major universities, modern international manufacturing plants, numerous museums and art galleries and many shopping centers also add to the special feel of life in Querétaro. Mexicans and foreigners alike often call the city of just over one million inhabitants “muy mexicana” – and students quickly come to appreciate this cultural authenticity as they explore the city and the countryside beyond.

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Spring term
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Classes Primarily with US Students
Host Family

An overall GPA of 2.75 or above
At least a 'B' average in their Spanish courses
Attend mandatory orientation meetings during the term prior to departure

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OUS Mexico, Queretaro Program Deadlines

Application deadlines for 2012 are as follows:

 Winter/Spring Program (ITESM, UDLA): October 15

 Spring semester (Queretaro): January 31

 (All) Summer Sessions: March 21

 Fall semester (Queretaro): May 1

 Fall/Fall, Winter, Spring (ITESM, UDLA): March 15

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