OUS: Mexico (ITESM), Querétaro, Querétaro

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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) campus in Querétaro: The ITESM comprises Mexico’s largest and most diversified private university system, with over 96,000 students on 33 different campuses. Students on the OUS program may study at one of four campuses in the ITESM system: the main campus in Monterrey; the Guadalajara campus; the Queretaro campus; or the Cuernavaca campus either for a semester or an academic year. Each campus offers Spanish language coursework from basic to advanced levels, a variety of courses designed for foreigners, and regular university courses in a wide range of disciplines for those with sufficient Spanish language proficiency.

Campus Querétaro, located in one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities, has a student enrollment of approximately 5,000 students. With Spanish language and culture courses as a basis of the international student curriculum, courses in business, engineering, communications, international relations and food science are also available.


Querétaro was a former capital of Mexico in the mid-19th century. A major landmark is the aqueduct built between 1726 and 1738 to carry water to the city. Querétaro’s beautiful downtown core of well-preserved colonial architecture has earned it the designation as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as well as Mexico’s “cleanest city.” With strong economic growth in the state and a rich history, Querétaro offers an ideal environment for students.


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Classes with US and Host-Country Students
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At least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and sophomore standing
Two years of college level Spanish, or the equivalent

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