OUS: Forestry - Resilient Rural Communities: PBL in Oregon and Japan

Program Administrator: 
OUS (Oregon University System)
Host Institution: 

Akita International University


Akita, Japan

Class Format: 
Classes with US and Host-Country Students
Residence Hall
Host Family

3.0 gpa

Program Details: 

Wallowa County, Oregon and Akita Prefecture, Japan

Dates: 6/17/2014 – 7/3/2014 in Oregon 7/17/2014 - 8/7/2014 in Japan

The two weeks from 7/4/2014 - 7/16/2014 are not included in the program

Together with Akita International University students and faculty, study the issues facing rural communities in these two nations.  In summer of 2014, Oregon students have a unique opportunity to join Japanese peers and Akita/OSU faculty in a cross-cultural program sponsored by a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Education.  Focusing on the opportunities and challenges that affect rural communities in both countries, students will work in a cohort to examine such issues as natural resource management, cultural heritage and tourism, and caring for an aging population.  Students will spend three weeks together in Oregon, starting on the OSU campus in Corvallis, and moving to Wallowa County in Eastern Oregon.  From there, they will travel to Japan to the Akita International University campus on the north of Honshu Island and then to rural Akita Prefecture to experience first-hand how the same issues impact communities in Japan.  Course work will involve research and preparation of information that will serve both areas, and students from OSU and AIU assist one another in understanding their respective cultural worlds.  This 12 credit course is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all majors. 

This program began in 2013 - learn more about it at: http://rrc.forestry.oregonstate.edu/

Led By:

Dr. John Bliss, CoF

     Phone: 1 541 737 1541

     Email: john.bliss@oregonstate.edu

Dr. Kate Mactavish, HDFS

     Phone: 1 541 737 9130

     Email: kate.mactavish@oregonstate.edu

AIU Faculty

Dr. Ayumi Sugimoto

Program Costs: 

Program cost and application information will be forthcoming.

Academic emphasis: 
Asian Lang & Cultures
Forest Eng.

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