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As Japan’s only university with its complete curriculum taught in English, Akita International University (AIU, 国際教養大学) creates a unique academic environment in which you can receive high-quality Japanese language instruction and, at the same time, complete advanced topical coursework in English.
AIU’s faculty is comprised of scholars and expert practitioners from around the world. The diverse backgrounds of the faculty, combined with their broad range of experience, state-of-the-art pedagogy, and commitment to fostering global awareness, provide the foundation for an outstanding learning environment. Class sizes of less than 10 students are not uncommon.
Given AIU’s small size, you will have many opportunities to participate in campus life. University clubs include many different sports, martial arts (Aikido, Kendo, Shorinji-Kempo), music, dance, broadcasting, and more. You may also participate in field trips and excursions. Business and economics students may visit local manufacturing plants, sake breweries and agricultural producers.
Culture courses may include visits to regional museums and local hot springs (onsen) as well as opportunities to watch local carpenters build thatched-roof huts. You may also have opportunities to visit local public schools to teach about your home culture.


Akita International University is situated in Akita Prefecture, about 30 minutes drive from Akita City. The campus is set in a lovely rural area, with forest on three sides and a large prefectural sports facility across the road.
With large tracts of cedar forest nearby, various mountain ranges, the meandering Omono River, and vibrantly colored rice fields, the campus is blessed with a rich natural setting. A truly distinctive feature of AIU is the view of ancient cherry trees blossoming against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, which can be seen from the campus each spring.

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3.00 GPA and sophomore standing.

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Summer, Fall Term, Fall/Winter Semester, Year-Long Programs: February 1
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