MAMTA Program Criteria and Requirements

MAMTA internship is open to all OSU students who have at least junior status (having completed at least 90 credits) at the beginning of the internship period. You are also expected to maintain good standing at OSU both academically and financially. If you are on academic probation or have a hold with the Business Affairs Office, your application will not be processed.

As a MAMTA intern, you are not only a representative of OSU, but also Oregon and the United States, and you are expected to show your full commitment to the internship.

MAMTA internship is full-time and 10-week long (one term), and the beginning and ending dates may be arranged upon discussion with your advisor.

After completion of your internship abroad, you need to turn in following documents in order to receive your internship credits:

  • Final report
  • Any assignements discussed and arranged with your professor (if you are earning departmental credits)