MAMTA Internship Credits

OSU MAMTA internship is an academic program. You must be enrolled in a university, and you are required to be registered for academic credit(s) for the duration of the internship. If you are a recent graduate of OSU, you must apply to be a post-bacc student through the Office of Admissions.

The MAMTA program fee (students do NOT pay regular OSU tuition) will cover the cost of credits, up to 12 credits (9 credits for graduate students). There is a $350 registration and administration fee that will be charged to your OSU student account at the beginning of the internship.

You may earn the internship credits through the Office of International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) or through your major/minor department. If you choose to earn departmental credits, it is your responsibility to find a supervising professor/advisor in the department and determine what assignments you need to complete in order to earn those credits. Once you have made appropriate arrangements, complete the OSU Credit Agreement Form (below) and turn it in to your MAMTA internship advisor in IDEA, who will take care of your internship credit registration.

Remember: MAMTA internship students DO NOT register for internship credits by themselves!

>>OSU MAMTA internship credit agreement form (.pdf)