IE3 OSU Credit Agreement Form

All IE3 interns who are accepted to the program must complete the OSU Credit Agreement Form prior to their departure (usually during the term before internship starts). If you plan to earn departmental credits* (e.g. H410, HDFS 406, SPAN402) you must find a supervising professor from the department, and then discuss with him/her what you need to do in order to earn those credits. Assignments may be keeping journals, submitting a term paper, or giving a presentation upon completion of the internship, but they have to be approved in advance.

It is your responsibility to set up an appropriate arrangement with the department and professor.

(*Note: Biology/Zoology students can not earn BI410/Z410 through IE3 internships. All Biology/Zoology students must be registered for INTL 410 and/or other departmental credits (e.g. Spanish, if you plan to intern in a Spanish-speaking country. See Brock McLeod if you have any questions.)

INTL 410/510: Students who do not/cannot earn departmental credits may register for INTL 410/510, which are general international internship credits granted through the office of International Degree and Education Abroad. Students who register for these credits must complete all of the IE3 reporting requirements. The grading options is Pass/No Pass only for INTL 410/510.

Graduate Students
: If you want to register for INTL 510 credits for IE3 internships, you will need an approval by your academic advisor as well as an input from your academic advisor on any additional work that may be required to show proof of graduate-level work completed.

E-campus courses: If you want to earn e-campus credits (e.g. ANTH 208/209), you will need to pay separate tuition for those credits on your own. IE3 students cannot earn credits for courses that are normally taught through OSU E-campus.

To register for INTL 410/510, please use the following format:
     Department: IDEA (International Degree & Education Abroad)
     Course#: INTL 410/510
     Number of credits: (between 1-12)
     Grading mode: P/N (A-F is not available for INTL 410/510)
     Faculty advisor's name: (your IE3 Campus Coordinator's name)
     Signature & Date: (leave this part blank)

Please remember to read the rest of the instruction and sign at the end of the form. Print the form (preferably double-sided) and turn it in to your IE3 Advisor in the IDEA office.

     IE3 OSU Credit Agreement Form (Fillable PDF)