SIT/OSU International Degree Scholarship

The SIT/Oregon State University International Degree Scholarship is targeted to Oregon State University International Degree program students. The scholarship may be applied to any SIT semester-based program, provided the student is studying in a country where their International Degree language is spoken. Preferably, the theme of the program should be similar to the student’s primary major at Oregon State University.

PROVISIONS: The scholarship awards will vary in amount between $2,000-$5,000 each semester. Students will be notified from the International Degree office if they have successfully received an SIT/OSU International Degree Scholarship. A maximum of $15,000 in scholarships will be awarded annually.


  • Applicants must be fully admitted to the International Degree program at the time of the proposed experience and/or research activity.
  • Student must have already completed an SIT application and must meet SIT admissions requirements to be eligible.
  • Students will be eligible for both SIT Pell matching program funds and SIT/Oregon State University International Degree Scholarship funds, but total awards cannot exceed $5,000/student/semester.
  • Students applying for the SIT/Oregon State University International Degree Scholarship are not eligible for SIT general scholarship funds.

Preference will be given but not limited to students having Oregon residency and/or are eligible for federal financial aid.

DEADLINES:  October 14, 2013 for winter/spring 2014 programs and April 14, 2014 for study abroad during fall 2014 or academic year 2014-15.

MORE INFO:  To apply, please complete the IDEA Common Scholarship Application by the deadline. If you have questions,  please contact LeAnn Adam, International Scholarships Coordinator, or Nick Fleury, Head Advisor-International Degeee, at 541-737-3006.  You can also visit the ID web page for more information: ID Scholarships.

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