Application Process

Application Process

Application Process

International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) programs include a two-step application process: 

For study abroad programs, a student must select a specific study abroad program. Then, the student will apply through the IDEA online application AND apply through the appropriate program provider.

The application process for international internships through IE3 Global Internships and MAMTA internships are similar. A student must complete both the IDEA online application and the IE3 online application or MAMTA online application respectively by the application deadline.

There are a number of materials that are required along with the application, such as an official transcript, resume, cover letter, essays, and letters of recommendation. Once all materials are received, a student may need to schedule an interview with the appropriate advisor within one to two weeks after the deadline.


 Once a student is accepted, the student will need to submit essential forms to be considered a confirmed participant. Each application is slightly different, but all include items that are completed online and many have materials that must be turned in.

Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

The student is required to attend to a mandatory in person pre-departure orientation. The pre-departure orientation will cover:

  • Travel (packing and logistics)
  • Tips on Cultural Adjustment
  • Health and safety
  • Culture shock
  • Re-entry
  • Returnee students - the student will have the opportunity to talk to Oregon State students who have returned from a previous education abroad experience


The student will receive comprehensive educational abroad materials that will support the student to gain a successful educational abroad experience. Orientation dates and locations are provided to the student, usually three to four weeks in advance of the event.