Types of Education Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

There are a variety of programs available to students and various ways to classify the programs.

First classification: who will be with OSU students

Direct Enrollment Programs: Classes Primarily with Host-Country Students

Classes are taken at an overseas university, allowing you to choose from a variety of courses. Programs offer further cultural immersion with local students. Program dates follow the academic calendar of the overseas university, rather than the OSU calendar. Terms may begin earlier or end later. You are expected to perform at the same level as a local student and are graded accordingly.

Island Programs: Classes Primarily with US Students

Classes are usually taught in a study abroad center for US and/or international students by instructors experienced with study abroad students. Courses are often similar to US classes with syllabi, regular assignments, and more frequent exams. Programs usually follow the US calendar. Programs generally have a more focused selection of courses.

Hybrid Programs: Combination of Direct Enrollment and Island Programs

Programs allow you to experience both university and study abroad center educational settings. This is ideal if you would like to take only a few university courses or are not confident in your language skills.

Second Classification: Program Administration

Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon University System (OUS) Programs

These programs are administered by the International Programs Office, and provide comprehensive services. OSU and OUS programs are generally more affordable. OSU and OUS programs have a high level of on-site support and may be led by OSU or other Oregon university faculty.

College and Departmental Exchange Programs

These programs are administered by OSU Colleges and Departments. Apply directly to the College or Department for these programs. Enroll in foreign universities and take classes in most academic areas offered at the university.

Faculty-Led Programs

These programs are coordinated and led by OSU faculty members, usually designed for students in specific majors or departments. OSU faculty will go abroad with students, teach courses, and coordinate housing/traveling/cultural activities on site. The duration of the program varies, and can be anywhere from a week to a term.

Co-Sponsored Programs

These programs are sponsored by the office of International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) and study abroad program providers.  Credits earned from these programs are considered as OSU resident credits, and all credits and grades from these programs appear on OSU official transcript. OSU students can use most types of financial aid to participate in these programs. Currently, all programs offered by following program providers are approved at OSU:

IE3 Global Internships (OUS)

Students earn academic credit while abroad on their internship and earn professional experience in their major field. IE3 Global Internships arranges placement and provides pre-departure orientation, international health insurance, learning tools, monitoring and support. A program fee is charged in lieu of tuition. The program fee includes academic credit (up to 12 quarter credit hours the first term). Most forms of financial aid can be applied toward the costs of an internship. For more information, see IE3 Global Internships website.

International Degree Program
The International Degree is Oregon State University's original dual degree program. It allows any interested undergraduate student the opportunity to explore the international dimensions of their primary degree. There are four major components to a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from OSU: International Degree students complete 32 credits in addition to their primary degree. These credits include study, work, or research overseas; fourth year college level proficiency in a second language; four ID core courses; and a senior thesis that allows the student to explore the global dimensions of his/her field of study.