Resources: forms, insurance, key contacts, other useful tools

Forms: Below are forms and resources you will use regularly in administering your program.

*Student forms: Secondary paperwork for student participants to complete and submit as part of the application process.

*OSU online application for study abroad: https://studyabroad.oregonstate.edu/apply/

*Application Checklist: Provides a sequential list of all the documents/information to be collected for each participant in a timeline format. If a checklist for your program needs to be created or edited, contact IDEA.

*Interview Report - Interview form (.doc) should be kept as a record in your student file.

*Interview Guidelines & Questions - This interview guideline (.doc) provides some basic information regarding the interview process including: ways to "deselect" a student, suggestions for areas to cover, and possible interview questions.

*Budget Form/Cost Sheet - This form allows you to give accurate cost information to your students and allows IDEA to create proper financial aid tiers which may increase student financial aid. Complete this form and send it to the IDEA Program Assistant.

*Orientation - This is an example (.doc) of a site-specific orientation agenda.


All study abroad students will be given an override to register by themselves for OSU overseas studies credits for the term(s) they will be abroad. See the "Registration" part of the Student section.


Insurance for students - See the "Insurance" part of the Student section. Any questions or issues related to the insurance should be addressed to the IDEA Program Assistant.

Insurance for faculty/staff going abroad - See the "Foreign Travel" section of the OSU Risk Management office website.

Transcripting Process

Course Evaluation Form - Example of form used to adjudicate credit taken by students at your exchange partner institution. This form, along with the course syllabus, will need to be sent to the chair of respective departments to obtain an approval. (e.g. If your student took a history class overseas, the form will need to be sent to the Chair of the OSU History Department).

Transcript Form - Template of the OSU transcript form (.pdf) used to send your students grades and credits from the program to Laura Driscoll in the OSU Registrar's office. Click here for tutorial of how to prepare transcripts for your students.

Key Contacts

International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA)

Pam Roberts, Billing Coordinator (for $50 IDEA online application fee & insurance), 541-737-6466

International Student Advising & Services (ISAS) (incoming exchange students)
Val Fearnside, Incoming Exchange Student Coordinator, DS-2019 certificates, J-1 exchange visas, 541-737-6479

Admissions, 541-737-5719
TBA, Admissions Evaluator

Business Affairs, 541-737-3031
George Windom, Student Accounts Manager, 541-737-0643

Financial Aid, 541-737-2241
Aaron Waldron, Financial Aid Advisor, 541-737-2241

Registrar's Office, 541-737-4331
Laura Driscoll, Record Specialist, 541-737-0599

Student Health Services, Travel Medicine, 541-737-9355

OSU Departmental Education Abroad Program Coordinators