Directed Study

Directed study abroad can be a rich experience, but it is demanding. You should be aware that credit is not granted for travel alone. If your time abroad is limited and you want to do a good deal of traveling, carefully consider the trade-offs between your academic and personal goals. You may decide you would rather have more time for travel even if it means foregoing academic credit.

Oregon State University has a policy that strongly discourages students from participating on programs in countries under a State Department Travel Warning. Because of this, Oregon State University as a general rule reserves the right not to allow students to register for credit, nor will they be eligible for financial aid. 

All OSU students participating in international credit bearing experiences are required to be enrolled in international accident and sickness insurance.  This mandatory insurance will be charged to your student account.

An Education Abroad Advisor in the IDEA office will help:

• Ensure that you have realistic expectations about pursuing a directed study abroad and understand required procedures.

• Define costs for possible financial aid increase (increase depends on your financial aid package).

• Input your international Directed Study experience into the campus Banner system which will demonstrate that you are attending an overseas program and therefore eligible for the possible financial aid increase as mentioned above.

You must register for on-campus credits through your department (e.g. independent study or practicum credits) as that is where your credit will come from.  Note that because of this you must pay tuition at Oregon State University for any directed study credits.

Please also note that you will be charged the OSU registration/administrative fee ($350 per term) for directed study

Directed Study approval process:

1. Make an appointment with an IDEA Education Abroad Advisor (541.737.3006) to discuss your plans for Directed Study.

2. The Education Abroad Advisor will discuss your intention with the Director of IDEA.

3. After approval by Director of IDEA, for each directed study project you plan to pursue, you must complete a Student/Faculty Contract.