OSU Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Application Checklist

All OSU students are required to complete the OSU Online Study Abroad Application. By completing this online application, a non-refundable, $50 application fee will be charged to your OSU student account.


OSU Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Application Deadline

All required application materials must be received by the College of Engineering, International Programs before the following deadlines.

For fall semester (September-January): March 20th
For spring semester (February-June): October 5th


  • Current OSU student in the College of Engineering
  • Junior or senior standing and admissible to a COE Professional School
  • 3.0 or higher cumulative OSU GPA
Application Fee: 

All study abroad and internship applicants are required to pay an application fee when submitting their OSU Online Study Abroad Application.  There is no fee for submitting the DTU online application. See the Application Fee page for details.

Program Provider Application: 

Your application to DTU will include two online application forms (OSU and DTU) in addition to the materials listed below.  Please submit all materials to International Engineering Programs in the Engineering HUB (144 Batcheller).  Questions?  Contact us at coe.study-abraod@oregonstate.edu

The following materials need to be submitted to International Engineering Programs before the deadlines listed above:

1. Completed  Online Study Abroad Application
2. Print-out of completed DTU on-line application form
3. Official transcripts from OSU and other institutions you have attended and have earned 15 credits or more. OSU      official transcripts can be ordered through the OSU Online Services student account or through the Office of the Registrar.
4. Letter of recommendation, preferably from an engineering professor or T.A. who knows you and can speak to your personal and/or academic preparedness to study abroad at DTU. Recommendations from supervisors or other mentors are also acceptable.
5. One page (typed) listing your name and the courses you plan to take at DTU during the study period for which you are applying

After you have completed the items above, International Engineering Programs will contact you to schedule an interview. This 30-minute interview should take place within approximately two weeks of the DTU application deadline. Off-site students will be interviewed by phone.

After Your Acceptance to DTU:

Housing forms, visa requirements, and additional information will be mailed to you after acceptance by DTU. It is crucial that you complete all forms provided to you by DTU. Studying in Denmark for longer than six months requires that you apply for a student visa – again, follow instructions given to you by DTU.


A passport valid for six months beyond your program is required. Apply for a passport immediately if you have not done so already. Visit travel.state.gov for an application.

Health Disclosure: 

Post acceptance to DTU, you will need to complete and return the Health Disclosure Form to the College of Engineering International Programs Office. All study abroad students are required to return this form. See the Health Disclosure Form page for details.

Academic Planning Form: 

This form ensures your credits completed at DTU will be applied toward your OSU degree.  All students are required to complete this form prior to departure, and to turn it in to the International Engineering Programs Office. See the DTU Academic Planning Form page.

Attend General Orientation: 

All OSU students going abroad will be enrolled in a BlackBoard Organization entitled "International Degree and Education Abroad." It consists of six modules with information about travel documents, travel arrangements, academics policies and registration, financial aid and billing, and health and safety. Additionally, you will attend an in-person orientation for information about culture learning, maximizing language learning, and how to fit in to your new academic culture abroad.

It is important to note that students studying abroad will not be able to register for credit for the program until they fulfill the orientation requirements for their program.

Students accepted to DTU will also be invited to participate in the in-person, group orientations offered by International Degree and Education Abroad. Students will be contacted via email with the date, time and location of the orientation.

See the orientation page for more information.

Attend Site-Specific Orientation: 

Students accepted to DTU will meet with the program coordinator in the International Engineering Programs office before departure.

The office of International Degree and Education Abroad enrolls you in insurance for the duration of your participation. Review the insurance policy and carry additional claim forms and your insurance card with you abroad.
Travel Clinic: 

All students are encouraged to visit their primary care provider before going abroad. Information about immunizations and travel health can be obtained from the Travel Medicine Clinic at Student Health Services.

File FAFSA and apply for financial aid for the term(s) of your program.

IDEA will submit a financial aid budget with your estimated cost of attendance to the Office of Financial Aid the term prior to your departure so that your aid award may be adjusted.

Use the form available on the following page to estimate the total cost of your attendance on the program: Budget Worksheet page

All study abroad students will need to register for general Overseas Studies credits using the OSU online registration system and a PIN from their academic advisor. IDEA will send students an e-mail from abroad.registration@oregonstate.edu with the instructions and CRN, and students are responsible for registering for these credits for the term(s) they are abroad. You will not receive financial aid for the program unless you are registered. To be registered, your account must be free of any hold, and your OSU bill balance must be below $2,200.
Grades and Credits: 
This program earns resident credit at OSU. Using the Academic Planning Form (above), each course you take must be assessed for how the credit will be applied to your degree program. During the application process, work closely with International Engineering Programs to choose DTU courses that fulfill your OSU degree requirements and/or have new courses approved. Prior to departure you must have at least one term’s worth of DTU courses pre-approved on your Academic Planning Form.

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