Pre-Departure Academic Advising

Pre-Departure Academic Arrangements

Before departure, it is advisable to meet with your academic adviser to discuss how the courses you take abroad will satisfy course requirements here at OSU. It is your responsibility to make sure these credits can be used towards major/minor/bacc-core requirements.  Complete the Academic Planning Form and turn it in to your study abroad advisor.

By looking at the degree requirements for your major, you should identify the courses you still need to take for major, minor and bacc core requirements. Next, you should investigate the courses offered on your study abroad program. These are usually found on the Web site of your host university or on the study abroad program Web site. You will want to provide your academic adviser as much information as possible about the courses you want to take abroad. Often syllabi or detailed course descriptions can be found on the Web sites. Bring this information to the meeting with your academic adviser. Your adviser can help you determine what OSU requirements these courses may fulfill.

Note: This process creates a preliminary proposal of how your credits will transfer. The actual course equivalency process occurs when you provide your study abroad adviser with the actual course syllabi when you are abroad or you return home. Just like at OSU, courses and schedules may be altered at your host universities, so you may not know your exact schedule of classes until you arrive. It is important that you keep in contact with your academic adviser and study abroad adviser regarding course equivalencies while you are abroad.

Post-Study Abroad Academic Planning

Prior to going abroad, be sure to discuss with your academic advisor about the classes you plan to take AFTER your study abroad term. You will most likely be registering for those classes while you are overseas, so if you need to obtain a new PIN for the next academic year, remember to do so before your leave for study abroad.